About Us

Magellan Society

At the core of the Magellan Society lies a commitment to fostering meaningful connections and facilitating the exchange of scientific insights and cultural experiences among orthopaedic sports medicine practitioners worldwide. The esteemed Traveling Fellowship programs, bestowed upon emerging leaders by the leading societies such as AOSSM, ESSKA, APKASS, SLARD, and ISAKOS, serve as the cornerstone of this endeavor.

Through these prestigious fellowships, individuals are not only recognized for their exemplary contributions to the field but also welcomed into the esteemed ranks of the Magellan Society Membership. As members, they represent the vanguard of orthopaedic sports medicine, entrusted with the responsibility of driving innovation, collaboration, and excellence on a global scale.

Magellan Society members represent dedication, passion, and commitment to our shared mission. Their contributions, both within the Magellan Society and respective communities, serve as a testament to the transformative impact of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in advancing healthcare globally.